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SDC Trailers has developed the world’s first hybrid semi-trailer which incorporates cutting edge technology from motorsport to deliver a reduction in fuel consumption by up to 25%.

The innovative design consists of a bank of high-power ultra-capacitors and an electrically-driven axle mounted under the semi-trailer

The KERS technology is controlled by an intelligent management system that tracks driver input in order to control the boost and regenerative braking provided by the trailer.

The system provides autonomous trailer tracking which can be used for fleet management, route optimization and cost control.The Regenerative braking system will also reduce brake wear and lower operator maintenance costs.

Road haulage currently accounts for over a fifth of the EU’s total CO2 emissions, so a more fuel efficient solution such as SDC’S KERS trailer will play a central role in reducing this figure as we work towards meeting the EU 2020 climate targets.

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