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SDC has unveiled their new Aerodynamic Trailer, designed to improve fuel economy for its operators and reduce their carbon footprint. Manufactured to produce a 2.058m-wide rear access for loading, the trailer capacity is not compromised – it can still hold 26 pallets.
The Aeroliner was designed so that the airflow coming from the tractor unit will flow smoothly over the trailer surfaces. The trailer has a curved rear end to the chassis, as well as a rear roof slope that incorporates vortex generators (to help reduce drag behind the trailer). There is also an air deflector at the front of the trailer to smooth the airflow from the cab aerodynamic kit on the roof and sides of the trailer.
Tony Sturgess, Chief Design Engineer commented, "Designing a trailer that has fuel saving ability is a logical step in developing our trailer offerings. As a forward-thinking company, we are delighted to add this trailer to our range of curtainsiders.” He continued, "We wanted to design something that didn’t reduce the trailer capacity and keeps the air as close to the body as possible. The vortex generator (on the 100mm sloping roof) energises the air as it comes down over the roof, pulling it back down to follow the slope.”
The superstructure curves in 180mm on both sides of the trailer over the final 1.6m of its length. To ensure minimal air resistance, SDC have included a full aerodynamic side skirt kit that guides the air smoothly around the skirts –on the inner and outer face. Looking at the disturbed airflow from under the tractor unit, the front skirt forms a tunnel with fitted under-floor pans to enclose the chassis from the front of the skirts up to the front axle. SDC have also raised the rear lights and number plate as high as possible and fitted a circular under-run bar so that the air flowing from the front (and through the tunnel) to the rear of the trailer can escape as quickly as possible.
As well as this, SDC have aerodynamically designed the trailer’s mud flaps. They have used Spraydown Vehicle Spray Suppression mud flaps that use vanes with a series of curves to catch water as well as letting air flow through and reducing drag. The trailer’s curtains are designed so that only the buckle is visible, with the buckle tail-strap passing inside a pocket that is built into the curtain hem.
SDC are continually looking at ways to enhance and expand on their trailer offerings. With a strong focus on innovation, this new aerodynamic trailer is one of the many new developments being launched by SDC in the coming months.

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