SDC Trailers

Career Areas

Career Area Engineering

Engineering & Product Innovation

Over the last four decades SDC's highly skilled engineering team have developed industry leading solutions for the commercial vehicle industry. Every new SDC trailer is designed and engineered to the customers exact specification, using the latest 3D technology and stress analysis software.

Career Area Welding

Welding & Fabrication

As one of Europe's leading engineering companies within the transport industry, SDC offer a wide range of opportunities for welders and fabricators. We offer an entry level apprenticeship program and on the job training at our award winning Welding Centre in Toomebridge, utilizing MIG welding techniques.

Career Arear Production 1


SDC’s 500,000 sq ft production space is home to the entire trailer manufacturing process, utilizing a wide range of production processes from welding, paint, piping and wiring, axle and suspension, trailer flooring and body. We offer entry level positions with on the job learning at SDC's award winning training centres, which allows employees to develop a broad skill-set before choosing their area of specialization.

Sdc Quality Quality 2

Quality Control

SDC's Quality Control department strive to have satisfied customers by ensuring a high level of quality is achieved at every stage of the production process. Every new SDC trailer undergoes extensive quality and safety testing before it leaves the factory.

Sdc Trailer On The Road

Transport & Logistics

SDC's transport and logistics department play an important role ensuring the effective organisation and delivery of vehicles to our customers worldwide. They work in close collaboration with our sales and production departments to ensure a high level of customer service is maintained.

Sdc Trailer Sales

Sales & Marketing

As a market leader, SDC have developed an experienced team of sales and marketing professionals who are central to the success and continued growth of the company. Communication is at the core of SDC's success as we listen and respond to the changing demands of our customers.

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