SDC Trailers

Quality Promise

Our Quality Promise

Quality is at the centre of SDC’s operations and our mission is to provide products and services that meet and exceed customer expectations. Our long-standing commitment to quality has led to the success of the SDC brand, both in domestic and international markets.

Maximum Trailer Performance 2

Maximum Trailer Performance

SDC supply World leading logistics companies with customized trailer solutions that provide maximum flexibility, durability and reliability over the trailer life. We work with a wide range of suppliers to deliver the industry’s latest technologies that provide many benefits to our customers', including simplifying operations, enhancing safety and increasing capacity.

Residual Value

Enhanced Residual Value

We guarantee the residual value of our trailers through our manufacturing process, we use a technologically advanced 2 pack Epoxy Primer and Top Coat paint product, applied to a fully shot blasted and pre-drilled chassis frame. Our EHS Turbo Plus paint gives a finish of outstanding gloss and durability, which exceeds customers expectations.


Minimum Downtime

SDC trailer chassis are optimised at the design stage through the use of Finite Element Analysis (FEA) to obtain a robust construction for the toughest terrains. In addition to this, SDC’s tried and tested bolt on body concept can relieve stress on critical parts of the trailer, extending its working life and reducing downtime with practical repairs.


Maximum Trailer Safety

SDC strictly adhere to the latest technical standards and regulations to ensure that our trailers surpass safety requirements. Our trailers are built to EEC and UK construction and use regulations, in compliance with ISO 9001 accreditation and European Community Whole Vehicle Type Approval.