SDC Trailers

Design and Trailer Innovation

Industry leading Trailer Design and Innovation

A long tradition of innovation coupled with continuous investment in R+D, has allowed SDC to acquire the high level of expertise which is necessary to satisfy the evolving needs and demands of our customers. Our engineers employ the latest technologies to design highly functional trailers which aim to lower fuel consumption, lower emissions, increase capacity, increase flexibility and advance safety.

Hydraulic Lifting Deck

Hydraulic Lifting Deck Curtainsider

SDC’s new Hydraulic Lifting Deck Curtainsider has a lightweight deck design and is suitable for 52 pallet operations.

The multi position ratchet deck system was installed for flexible adjustment in increments of 120mm and it also utilities the latest PLC control for flexible programming and control.

The built-in control panel is easy to use, and a side mounted wander lead is installed for ease of operation.

Malcolms Extended Skele

Extended length skeletal trailer

SDC was awarded the national ‘Innovation’ Motor Transport Award for their 15.6m extendable skeletal trailer which was launched by HRH Princess Anne at the Multimodal show.

Manufactured under the UK’s longer semi-trailer trial, the highly innovative design provides operators with an additional 15% capacity on a 50ft container (up to eight additional pallets on one lorry).

The extended length skeletal trailer is being trailed by UK operator Malcolm Logistics.

SDC Aeroliner Trailer

Aeroliner curtainsider

SDC's ‘Aeroliner’ aerodynamic trailer with 12% fuel savings was designed to improve fuel economy and reduce carbon footprint.

Manufactured to produce a 2.058m wide rear access for loading, the trailer capacity is not compromised as it can still transport 26 pallets.

The airflow that comes from the tractor unit will flow smoothly over the trailer surfaces and trailer has a curved rear end to the chassis, as well as a rear roof slope that incorporates vortex generators to help reduce drag behind the trailer.

Additional fuel-saving features include an air deflector at the front of the trailer, as well as aerodynamically optimized curtains and mud flaps.