SDC Trailers

29th July 2019

SDC launch new 40ft Tipping Skeletal for efficient container operation.

The UK and Ireland’s largest semi-trailer manufacturer, SDC Trailers, has launched a new hydraulically powered tipping skeletal trailer for use with 40ft containers to transport and tip bulk materials such as plastic, waste and foodstuffs.

The new trailer offers a high-volume payload, providing the operator with efficient loading / off-loading and increased flexibility to maximise their deliveries. Designed for 44-ton operation, SDC’s high quality finish is guaranteed with premium components including BPW axles, automatic twist locks, JOST landing legs, HYVA tipping gear and Aspock lighting.

SDC carried out extensive research during the design and development process and have incorporated advanced safety features, including rear stabilising legs to optimise stability and a warning lamp fitted as standard, to alert anyone nearby when the tipper is being raised.

The exact trailer specification can be tailored to the customer’s requirement and SDC a host of options, the trailer tipping ram can be powered from the PTO on the truck, or an on-board electric / diesel power pack.

SDC’s CEO Enda Cushnahan said: “I am delighted to announce the new 40ft addition to our tipping skeletal range, increasing our solutions for the container and bulk materials industry. Enhancing flexibility and efficiency, the 40ft tipping skeletal is not only cost effective for the operator, it also delivers environmental savings through reduced carbon emissions. Our engineers have designed and manufactured 150,000 trailers over the last 40 years and this latest innovation is testament to our continued dedication, to provide safe and practical semi-trailer solutions.”

Renowned for being the best in the industry, SDC’s range of tipping skeletal trailers provide a highly robust and durable option for use with various containers. The manufacturer offers four different design configurations across the range; a sliding skeletal used for tipping 20ft containers, a flexible sliding design for tipping both 20ft and 30ft containers and a rigid option for 30ft use only.

The launch of their new 40ft tipping skeletal completes the range, with a solution for efficient, high volume deliveries. The trailer is now in full production at SDC’s ISO accredited manufacturing facilities in the UK and Ireland.