SDC Trailers

11th April 2019

Singletons promote Road Safety and Rainbow Centre charity with SDC Trailers

When Hampshire based haulier, Singletons Transport decided to invest in expanding their trailer fleet, they saw it as an opportunity to highlight some of the issues that are close to the heart of the family run business. With an order secured through rental and leasing company TRL, the operator set about developing bespoke livery that would make their trailers stand out from the crowd.

Featuring looney tune characters to capture the imagination of passing children and encourage conversation on trucks, trailers and road safety, the haulier’s batch of 7 new SDC curtainsiders are now proudly in operation throughout the UK and into Europe.

Debbie Singleton said: “There is a shortage of truck drivers in this country and children don’t have the opportunity to learn about the trucks - having a fun element may encourage them to take notice of the vehicle and find out more.”

Singleton’s are building a new website that will further promote the ‘Looney Tune’ campaign and entice the public to get involved. The full list of characters will be published on the haulier’s website so that viewers can tick off each one that they spot on the road, encouraging adults to get involved and take part in the ‘trucking’ discussion with children.

The campaign ties in nicely with Singleton’s ongoing support of local charity ‘The Rainbow Centre,’ who provide services to people that suffer with neurological conditions such as Cerebral Palsy, Parkinson’s Disease, brain injuries and many more. The Rainbow Centre’s purple logo is on display on the side and rear of Singletons 13.7m Curtainside trailers, to help raise awareness of the charity.

“The Rainbow Centre is local to us in Fareham and they have worked with people that we know. It is a matter very close to our hearts and we feel proud to support such a worthwhile cause. Singletons regularly donate to The Rainbow Centre to support adults and children with neurological conditions and we have endeavored to show our support to them for many years.

As a Fareham based business, we wanted to do our bit to help support local charitable giving in our area and raise awareness of a worthy cause.”

Donations to the Rainbow Centre go towards improving the lives of those affected, by working with education and health professionals on improved learning, movement and overcoming symptom related issues.

Established by Tony Singleton in 2000, Singletons Transport Ltd initially focused on UK haulage services and the company has now expanded into offering experienced drivers through an in-house agency, as well as UK & European Haulage. Their latest trailer investment brings their vehicle fleet to a total of 14 trailers.