SDC Trailers

25th July 2022

The Bartrum Group optimise deliveries with new high-volume SDC Trailers

Suffolk-based freight operator, The Bartrum Group, has invested in a modern fleet of six new 15.65m longer-length semi-trailers (LST’s) from SDC. The Bartrum Group is a family-owned freight operator, founded in 1929 with an astounding 90 years in business. In addition to providing non-hazardous and hazardous distribution services through the UK, the group also provides warehousing and classroom-based training courses for DCPC, forklift truck & materials handling, ADR dangerous goods, first aid, LGV, fire marshall, logistics & transport, and funded driver training.

The new longer Curtainsiders are fitted with a second deck which will provide increased capacity and more efficient operations for the group’s Pallet Track Network services, transporting palletised orders throughout the UK daily, and trunking to hubs in Wolverhampton at night.

Every aspect of the new fleet was considered with environmental sustainability a key driving force that steered The Bartrum Group’s decision-making. The tri-axle curtainsiders feature a highly durable EN 12642-XL design, with a FS1 sloping roof to minimise drag, LED lighting and wrap-around curtains.

Located in the heart of East Anglia, The Bartrum Group has formed a long-term partnership with SDC as they continue to expand their 250-trailer fleet. Robert Bartum, Managing Director at The Bartrum Group said:

“We are committed to providing the most efficient service to our customers and Bartrum’s latest delivery of high-volume double-deck Curtainsiders reflects this. We worked jointly with SDC to develop a specification that would minimise our carbon footprint while also increasing the capacity of each vehicle by up to 8 additional pallets.

The new double decks have helped us to achieve fuel savings and offer the most competitive service to customers. Our fleet also incorporates the latest GPS tracking technology and fully integrated EDC systems which help us to monitor and enhance our operations.”

SDC Trailers UK Sales Manager Matt Kerrison said, “SDC is proud to supply The Bartrum Group with our quality LST solutions designed to enhance and improve their pallet operations. We worked with Robert and the team to provide a premium specification that increases pallet capacity and incorporates our unique FS1 aerodynamic design providing further fuel and environmental savings.”