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14th June 2023

SDC Truck & Trailer Parts launch Parts+ Consignment Stock Management system

SDC Truck and Trailer Parts has launched their new “PartsPlus” Consignment Stock Management System for customers, allowing them to benefit from enhanced stock replenishment across the supplier’s 16,000+ Parts range, as well as reduced inventory management, and operational benefits. The system eliminates the possibility of stockouts and delivery lead times by creating a holding stock of vital parts at the customer’s warehouse, ensuring that they always have the parts they need on hand.

The core functions of the PartsPlus system are stock replenishment and simplified purchasing. When parts are scanned out from the operator’s warehouse, this triggers a set of automated actions that will inform the user that a replenishment is required. It is only at this point that SDC Truck & Trailer Parts will invoice for the Parts they have selected. By automating consignment stock management, PartsPlus minimises the need for manual order processing, allowing the user to improve efficiencies and have a full track on their Parts usage.

Additional Features

In addition to its core functionality, SDC’s PartsPlus system offers several other useful features such as the ability to add, remove, check, count, and move stock within locations. This means that operators can easily manage their stock levels, ensuring that the right parts are in the right place when needed, they have a full data track on what parts have been used, and their profile of stock is always updated with real time information. The system can be used to compare usage by part or trailer to identify any areas where business improvements can be made.

SDC trialled the PartsPlus system with a small number of customers during the development stages to assess the new technology and determine key customer features. One customer who has benefited from the technology is Thomas Robinson, Workshop Manager at Hireco, Belfast, who commented: “SDC’s PartsPlus system was extremely easy to set up and has significantly reduced the amount of time and capital outlay required for managing our Parts inventory. SDC Truck & Trailer Parts helped us to implement the software and set up minimum stock levels across our fleet. We now have full traceability of all stock at multiple Hireco locations, and I never need to worry about not having parts in stock to keep our fleet on the road. PartsPlus also provided us with additional insights in terms of fleet management and it has quickly become a vital part of our daily operations.”


SDC Truck and Trailer Parts provides all the hardware, software, and training needed to implement the PartsPlus system. This includes barcode scanners, as well as the software itself. The system can be integrated with existing reporting systems and training is provided to ensure that users are fully equipped to use the technology effectively.

Gavin Diamond, SDC Truck & Trailer Parts Director said: "Our new PartsPlus system provides customers with real-time visibility and control over their Parts stock, and track of their spend per asset. As technology continues to advance, it will play an increasingly central role in the way businesses operate, with digitalisation and data analysis becoming essential tools for fleet management. This investment, combined with continued expansion across our branch network, reflects SDC Truck & Trailer Parts commitment to providing innovative solutions that meet our customers' needs. Feedback has been really positive, and we look forward to supporting operators with the additional benefits offered through our PartPlus system.”

SDC Truck and Trailer Parts' investment in the new PartsPlus Consignment Stock Management System is just one example of the company's continued commitment to providing the best Customer Service, Quality and Price in the market. Headquartered in Toomebridge, Co. Antrim, SDC Truck & Trailer Parts is Ireland’s largest CV Parts supplier with a total of 9 branches and a further 4 in England and Scotland. By leveraging cutting-edge technology to enhance operations, SDC continues to set the standard for as a leader in the supply of Truck & Trailer Parts.

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