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Euroliner Curtainsider

SDC’s Euroliner trailer is manufactured using high tensile steel to achieve minimal weight, our unique bolt-on body ensures low maintenance and ease of repair. There is a huge range of variations to choose from including, fork-truck rear end, tail lift, steer axles, various door options, aerodynamic aids, and various axle / EBS manufacturers. SDC Euroliner trailer provides the ultimate flexibility when loading from the side or rear of the trailer. The trailer is suitable for 34 pallet operation, through roof loading and has the option of sideboards.

Benefits of SDC Euroliner:

  • Flexible loading options - roof / side / rear
  • Lightweight for improved payload / reduce fuel consumption
  • Low maintenance design
  • High residual value

Key Features

75Mm Neck Depth

Neck depths from 50mm upwards

Necks are available at 50mm, 75mm, 100mm, 120mm and 158mm depending on customer requirements for internal aperture.

Iso Floor

ISO compliant floors

For peace of mind when using on loading bays.

Enxl Sticker

EN XL rated galvanized bodywork

Certified to carry 29 tonnes payload. Side wall retains 40% of the load, front wall retains 50% of the load and rear wall retains 30% of the load. Ensures longevity of the trailer and load security when transporting goods.

Stainless Steel Coupling Box

Stainless steel coupling box

For safety and ease of driver operation and professional durable finish. Sliding and ground access sliding coupling options available.

Euroliner Sliding Roof

Front or front & rear opening roof

High quality sliding roof with carapex option for EN-XL trailers.

Rear Ratchet Tensioner

Front & rear ratchet tensioners

For ease of curtain operation and load security.

Tailored to your requirements

Our engineers will work with you to develop a trailer specification that maximizes your transport operation. Speak to your local SDC Trailers representative to find out more about our extensive selection of body, chassis, door, floor, roof, load restraint and storage options available.


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