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Fixed ISO Gooseneck Skeletal

SDC’s fixed ISO gooseneck design skeletal is well known for its rugged construction, it is highly reliability due to having no moving parts in its operation.

Available with handle or screw type twist locks and can also be specified to meet ADR requirements.

Benefits of SDC's fixed ISO gooseneck skeletal:

  • Low centre of gravity offers enhanced stability
  • Low maintenance design
  • High residual value

Key Features

Gooseneck Skeletal Step Neck

Stepped neck design

The stepped neck design allows the container to run level when coupled up to the tractor unit. Designed specifically for 20' containers.

Gooseneck Skeletal Chassis

Robust design with no moving parts

Ensuring maximum reliability and minimum maintenance costs.

Gooseneck Skeletal Twistlock

Various twist lock options

Screw or Handle type twist locks.

Gooseneck Skeletal Height

Low height and greater stability

Designed to run at 4m OAH with a 1090mm 5th wheel height.

Gooseneck Skeletal Premium Components

Premium components

SDC's ISO tank skeletal trailers are manufacturer with highly durable high tensile steel and premium components.

Gooseneck Skeletal Rear

Various options available

Rear aluminium walkway, rear access step, stainless steel drip tray as well as numerous storage options available.

Tailored to your requirements

Our engineers will work with you to develop a trailer specification that maximizes your transport operation. Speak to your local SDC Trailers representative to find out more about our extensive selection of body, chassis, door, floor, roof, load restraint and storage options available.


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