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Longer Semi Trailer (LST)

Since 2012, a trial of longer semi-trailers (LSTs) of up to 15.65 metres has taken place on roads in Great Britain (GB), enabling 30 standard UK pallets to be transported in a trailer as opposed to 26, offering more efficiency and fewer lorry journeys.

SDC were the first trailer manufacturer in The U.K. to receive the licence to design and manufacture Extra Length / Longer Semi Trailers (LSTs), and we now offer an extensive range of longer length curtainsiders such as the 14.6m and 15.65m. Trailers are largely supplied with one rear steer axle which can be self-steer or command steer. This applies to both the step-frame and straight-frame designs.

An LST has a maximum total vehicle length, including tractor unit, of 18.55 metres.

Benefits of SDC's Longer Semi Trailer Curtainsider:

  • Reduced carbon footprint
  • Enhanced operational efficiencies
  • Low maintenance design

Key Features

Longer Length Trailer 007

Increased load capacity

One of the key benefits of SDC's longer length curtainsider is the increased load capacity, reduction in carbon emissions and improved cost per pallet, providing benefits to the operator and the environment.

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Self steer or command steer

Self steer can be specified where the trailer is used for trunking applications only. Where reverse maneuverability is paramount a command steer system can be fitted. Steer axles are required for turning circle compliance.

Enxl Sticker

EN XL rated galvanised bodywork

Certified to carry 29 tonnes payload. Side wall retains 40% of the load, front wall retains 50% of the load and rear wall retains 30% of the load. Ensures longevity of the trailer and load security when transporting goods.

Stainless Steel Coupling Box

Stainless steel coupling box

For safety and ease of driver operation and professional durable finish. Sliding and ground access sliding coupling options available.

Rear Ratchet Tensioner

Front and rear ratchet tensioners

For ease of curtain operation and load security.


Straight-frame or step-frame option

SDC have engineered both straight-frame and double deck trailers, both with the options of having a second deck fitted, either ratchet deck or fixed deck.

Tailored to your requirements

Our engineers will work with you to develop a trailer specification that maximizes your transport operation. Speak to your local SDC Trailers representative to find out more about our extensive selection of body, chassis, door, floor, roof, load restraint and storage options available.


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