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Oil Spec Platform

SDC’s Trailer Oil Spec Platforms are manufactured specifically for customers operating in the oil industry. They are supplied with straight or cranked posts to securely transport the load and a flushed internal headboard to ensure the operator can remove loads without obstruction ensuring no damaged goods. Twistlock options are available to suit various container sizes. These trailers can also be fitted with galvanized trays for carrying PVC sheets and timber sticks.

Benefits of SDC's Oil Spec Platform:

  • Highly durable for a long trailer lifespan
  • Low maintenance and repair costs
  • High residual value

Key Features


Flushed internal headboard

Allowing loads to be removed without obstruction and eliminating damage to headboard. Optional EN-XL headboard for strength and security.

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Supplied with straight or cranked posts

Posts are a form of load restraint ensuring safety of goods when been transported.


Twist-locks to suit all container sizes

Twistlock options are available to suit various container sizes.

Platform Galvanized Trays

Optional galvanized trays

SDC can fit a range of storage boxes and galvanized trays for the safe storage of sheets, timber skids and pins when not in use.

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Heavy duty deckrings

Designed to strap down heavy loads and ensure safety of transporting cargo.


Various axles, lighting & EBS options

Trailer specification can be tailored to meet your transport requirements.

Tailored to your requirements

Our engineers will work with you to develop a trailer specification that maximizes your transport operation. Speak to your local SDC Trailers representative to find out more about our extensive selection of body, chassis, door, floor, roof, load restraint and storage options available.


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