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Timber Skeletal

SDC’s timber skeletal is well known for its rugged construction. It comes with a range of rear configurations, lengths, crane mounts, wheels, axles and wheel valences dependent on the operator’s needs. The chassis is extremely strong and robust to endure the toughest terrains.

Benefits of SDC's timber skeletal:

  • Extremely strong and robust for tough demands
  • Low maintenance and repair costs
  • High residual value

Key Features

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High tensile steel for maximum payload

SDC utilise high tensile steels for weight reduction, offering maximum payloads.


Robust design with minimal moving parts

SDC's timber skeletal has been optimized for the toughest terrain and off-road conditions with high tensile steel construction and a highly durable chassis design.

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Market leading timber bunks

Optional high quality timber bunks can be supplied if required.

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Tailored to your crane operation

SDC timber skeletal trailers are pre-prepared to fit the operator's own crane.


Wide range of rear configurations

The customer has the option to specify the trailers rear end requirements, including lights, toolboxes and work lamps.


Bespoke specification

SDC offer a wide range of lengths, crane mounts, wheel, axles and wheel valences to suit the operator's requirements.

Tailored to your requirements

Our engineers will work with you to develop a trailer specification that maximizes your transport operation. Speak to your local SDC Trailers representative to find out more about our extensive selection of body, chassis, door, floor, roof, load restraint and storage options available.


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